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Press Releases

November 5, 2021

Democrats Reject Carl’s Efforts to Prevent IRS from Hiring Additional Armed Agents

August 31, 2021

Carl Cosponsors Resolution Calling for Immediate Resignation of President Biden

July 27, 2021

Carl Supports GOP Decision to Boycott Pelosi’s Sham January 6 Investigation

July 20, 2021

Carl Sponsors Bipartisan Legislation to Help Forest Owners Recover from Natural Disasters

June 30, 2021

Carl Votes Against Removing Historical Statues from United States Capitol

June 30, 2021

Carl Introduces Resolution Demanding Fauci’s Removal

May 28, 2021

Carl Joins More than 200 Republicans on Letter to Pelosi Demanding Investigation of Wuhan Lab

Rep. Carl
May 14, 2021


Carl Cosponsors Legislation to Support the Police

April 22, 2021

Carl Cosponsors Maximum Pressure Act to Impose Tough Sanctions on Iran